Friday, January 8, 2010

The Sloth Emerges

I haven't, in weeks. Why is this you ask? What is my excuse? I have had an entire 2 weeks off for Christmas vacation and now a whole week of snow days. You think that would have motivated me to get off my fat butt and move. No, I have become a sloth. A sloth living in hibernation. Today, the sloth has awoken from her midwinter's sleep and a new day has begun. My elliptical kept calling to me, "Kelly? Where are you? Come visit me. I am sooo lonely in here. It is just me and the dust bunnies and they are no longer fun to party with!"It was hard, but I pulled myself off the couch and facebook, broke out of the darkness and into the light of my bedroom, plugged in the Ipod and cruised. 35 minutes is not bad for a first time back. I tell you, it was nice to visit an old friend. I promised it I would return again soon. I felt like a caterpillar emerging from the cocoon and becoming a butterfly...ok, a sweaty butterfly, but who cares? I did it!