Saturday, March 29, 2008

Delicious Divas

As you can tell by my title I, too, Alana, love alliteration! Last night, I had a much needed night out with the girls here to help celebrate my great friend Susie's 19th, 21st birthday. How confusing was that? She will appreciate it. We had a blast, laughing, eating fabulous food, sharing stories, eating more fabulous food, and joking with the waiters about us "old women", or as Seth called us "much cuter older sisters" having my space and facebook accounts. What century does he think we were born in? This is the technology age for heaven's sake. I figure, if my 80 year-old grandpa can e-mail and make slideshows here, then I can blog about my randomness and hope that maybe someone out there in cyberspace finds my musings food for fodder, or just a way to pass the time on a rainy day.

Back to my randomness...

So, being the queen of the quarter pounder sized backside, of course food was my topic of choice last night. Susie and I have this wicked idea that we should open a cupcake/mini trifle patisserie. OOH LA LA, my years of french class have done me well today! For the non-french speakers out there, that would be bakery. Wouldn't it be fun to be surrounded by guilty pleasures all day, teasing and tempting the helpless victim walking by with our sinful creations? I might actually lose a much needed pound or two baking for someone other than mon amore et moi. What a concept!

As I was surfing the net this morning, rather than sleeping in on a Saturday (darn brain for waking me up), I stumbled upon this amazing blog I just have to share. This truly made me realize that there are blogs out in cyberspace for literally anything you want to know about. So, cupcake lovers of the world, UNITE and check out this blog.



Sunday, March 9, 2008

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

We have finally landed after a second weekend making the long trek down to Little Rock to see the fertility guru. I feel like Dorothy on the yellow brick road trying to find the elusive Emerald City and never quite getting there. After my appointment on Saturday, I decided that now I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog's Day as we have to venture back to LR on Friday! Will it never end!!!!

I just want one weekend where I can get my housework done, spend time with my hubby and best dog ever, and actually attend church. Instead, the house is a mess, laundry needs to be folded, I can't find the power cord to my laptop (heaven forbid I left it in Little Rock), and I really need Calgon to take me away from all these science fair projects! If I ever see another science fair project it would be too soon!

Ok, enough mindless chatter...on to fertility news. After an ultrasound, it looks like I have small ovaries. Now, I could have told them this ages ago as they never can seem to find my left one until they have thoroughly probed me to where I truly think the probe is going to come shooting out of my belly button like on of those creatures in the movie, Alien. So, having small ovaries means I am either starting to have a decline in egg production already (37 rather than 41), or I am just a late bloomer this month. We do know the clomid (crazy drug to make you have multiple births) is starting to work as I have had the worst hotflashes ever this past week. I never knew someone could sweat from their feet so much! If this is any indication of what menopause is going to be like, heaven help us all gals!

If I am just a late bloomer and really do surge this week, then it will be all happy, happy, joy, joy for the hubby. We do have to have a test at the beginning of my next cycle that will determine whether we need to stop treatments and go the adoption/egg donor route only or continue on and change to injections. Either way, I am nervous, but know it is all in God's hands. I know he will eventually get me to Oz.

Monday, March 3, 2008

What's Cookin' Italian Style

After reading my friend, Cindy's blog about what she is cooking for dinner, I have decided to post some of my favorite meals or desserts here. Tonight, with the impending threat of snow (Yay! No ice! Boo, we will be going to school until the cows come home!), I raced to Wally World with all the other idiots out in B-town land who forgot to shop yesterday. I actually had a legit reason for procrastinating on the shopping. I spent the weekend in Southern Arkansas visiting the fertility guru and catching up with an overdue visit to the hubby's family.

Back to the racing to Wally World...So as I am racing down the aisles, knowing that if I don't set a new land speed record for making it around the store at faster than a snails pace with the doom of snow gloom looming (wow, what a rhyme), my car is going to freeze shut and I will be stranded.

As I was looking for frozen strawberries to make pancakes with whip cream, a snow day tradition for us, I spied the most wonderful bagged pasta dish I have ever cooked! If you have never purchased a Bertolli Bagged Pasta Meal, it is soooo worth it. Nine minutes in the pan, a little salad & garlic bread on the side and voila! A Mediterranean style dish without any trouble. We chose the Rosemary Chicken, Linguine, & Cherry Tomatoes version tonight. All I can say is, "Yum-my!"

But for now, Ciao Bella!