Saturday, September 27, 2008

Buying Diapers...HELP!!!!!

So now that we are on the official Caucasian Infant Waiting List or CIWL as I will refer to it, our social worker says we should start buying baby things as we never know when we will be getting THE CALL.

Gary thinks this means buying all the toys his mom never let him play with because the pieces just might get sucked up in the dreaded vacuum. That means Lego's, tinker toys, K-Nex, etc. I think our priorities are slightly eschewed.

My question to all of you moms out there who have young ones or who have had young ones recently is this: What is a good price for diapers???? Target recently had 192 infant diapers on sale for $29.00. Is this a good buy??? I have absolutely no clue, help!

Lost in baby land,


Darn you Ike

I am sad...

Not for myself, but for my hubby. He was really looking forward to biking tomorrow at Dogwood Canyon. The colors would be starting to come out on the trees, the weather is beautiful, and if you breathe really deeply (ok, just pretend for a moment) you can smell fall in the air.

Thanks to Hurricane Ike, Dogwood is closed! How sad to ravage one of God's truly beautiful places in the Ozarks.

Guess he will just have to bike at the lake and pretend he hears the rush of waterfalls as he zooms passed a DUCK making a splash in the water. Just ignore the Wacky Quackers, dear. Sais La Vie...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Long blog

First, I want to apologize to those friends and family who do follow my blog, whether they post a comment or just call me on the phone to talk about it. I have been lost in what is called, Beginning of the Year Teacher Land! It is not my favorite place to be lost in since it usually means an overwhelming number of demands on my work life and not enough time spent on my personal life. I love the beginning of September because school starts, and I get a fresh batch of 6th graders to love on plus my birthday is the first week, but I also love September to end. The ushering in of October usually means less imminent due dates at work, the kids are starting to get in the swing of things at school, and my hubby is half way through his football season which equals more time spent with me!!!!

So, here is a quick update on my last month:

1. I turned 38. That seems like a dreaded number, but really it is just an even number with only a few factors (had to get a math lesson in there somewhere).

2. We FINALLY have been approved to adopt!!! It was one long summer, but now it is just up to God to find us the right birth mom who wants us to become a forever family for her child. Keep us in your prayers!

3. I catered to all of my hubby's needs while he spent five miserable days battling a sinus infection. I honestly thought the world was coming to an end the way he carried on.

4. I spent my first home football game with the paramedics, hooked up to a breathing machine, all because some highschooler thought they needed to wear an entire can of Axe Body Spray (which I am highly allergic to) to impress all the nonexistent girls, who might possibly want to date him, sitting in Kenna's and my section. Was that crass at all???? Poor, guy, maybe he really does need the body spray. Thank heavens I do not teacher jr. high!

5. Hubby is now catering to me (thanks to the fun cowbell I got at above football game)! I decided to stupidly play chase with my favorite pooch the other night and slipped, falling with my foot completely upside down and backwards underneath me. One loud popping sound, a wave of nausea, and I am sure a few choice words later...I could not feel my foot and thought I might either want to die or pass out. After hubby coach took me to see the athletic trainer at the HS since the local ER in B-town was on a 5 hour backlog, it was decided that I could have fractured fibia in my left ankle. Took the next day off to rest, ice, compress, elevate my ankle and have x-rays done. Prognosis: Severe sprain, hyper extended all the ligaments and tendons, and possibly a small tear in a ligament (but too swollen to tell for sure right now). So, I am hobbling around like an idiot in an air splint and crutches for the next few weeks.

6. My students are the best!!!! They have been taking care of me hand over foot. I even have my own little posse who have taken to getting me ice, water, my lunch tray, and I even have one little guy who has designated himself my personal bodyguard! He walks down the hall in front of me saying, "Back away from the foot!" Isn't that precious!!!!

That is my life right now in a nutshell. More pondering later...