Saturday, August 30, 2008

You know you love to teach middle school when...

Someone let's one rip in the hallway, and all the boys go, "Sweet!!!!!"

Your slowpokiest student tells you he just can't move any faster because his toe might fall off.

You respond back to him that in 6th grade toes are not allowed to fall off on Thursdays, only Fridays, and he believes you.

You write stories about something hiding under your living room rug, and the kid's stories are sooooo amazingly filled with details that you are all laughing so hard you cry.

You teach a math lesson, after taking a year off from math, and every child in the room "Gets it!"

Your kids come back in from a hot, sweaty day at recess and you just about pass out from the odor that is radiating out of every one of their pores because they do not seem to know what deodorant is and you would rather they NOT "Raise their hands if they're SURE." (Yes, we allow them to wear deodorant at our school.)

Your students favorite way to communicate with you is through Facebook and they tell you that, "You Rock!"

You are reading aloud to the kids and there is a line in the book that says, "I have not seen this many balls in one room since Elementary PE," and the boys all start laughing so hard that one kid falls over backwards in his chair.

They won't admit it, but they really do truly still love to have you read picture books to them.

your kids are so comfortable with you that they accidentally call you mom:)

And finally, the number one way to know you love to teach middle school is when a parent tells you that you are the reason their child loves to get up every morning, with a smile on their face, and go to school!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Adoption Update

We got an e-mail on Friday that our home study is finally finished and that we have been recommended for adoption! I spent Friday night madly going through the home study to check for any errors, so that Annie (our wonderful social worker) can get it finalized with her supervisor and sent on to St. Louis for final approval. We are hoping to get a call in the very near future telling us that we are finally approved and on the official list. I feel like my life is nothing but a giant waiting line right now. Please keep us in your prayers that God will find the right birthmom for us and the wait will not be too long. Gary and I can't wait to finally have a baby to hold in our arms and call our own:)


Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day Jitters

I am always a basket case right before heading back to school for a new year. I can't sleep, and when I do, I have the strangest dreams like going surfing with the new PE teacher! When was the last time I had the chance to surf in B-town?????? This year though, I somehow managed to get a full night of sleep the evening before. Maybe it is God telling me I need all the rest I can get because I am going to need it this year, or maybe I am just getting used to teaching after 9 years of first days. Whichever the case, I did survive the first day and from the looks of it, have a pretty sweet class. Who knows, they could turn out to be like that cute little monkey on Night at the Museum and turn into holy terrors today!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...

I have been on a blog vacation. My mom and 7 year old niece from Washington State came out to visit us for a week. Living in B-town, all I can say is, "I am exhausted!!!!!" I never knew how tired you could be after a week of theme parks, water slides, funnel cakes, shopping, horse shows, frozen custard, IMAX, and my first ever trip to Build-a-Bear. Who ever thought that buying an animal skin, stuffing it, bathing it, dressing it in its own cute little hot pink outfits (plus the multitude of accessories available), naming it and giving it a birth certificate, would make money??? Can you say $$$$$$$$$$$$$????

Think these pictures sum up our fun in B-town. Now, back to cleaning house before the next batch of company arrives ready to tear it up. Calgon, take me away!!!


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